Simon Vernhes, Lead Developer Naïo TechnologiesToulouse, France


I am Research Assisstant in the PARK (Planning, Autonomy and Representation of Knowledge) research group at the University of Huddersfield. Previously, I have been working as a Ph.D. student at Onera in the Systems Control and Flight Dynamics (DCSD) department, Control and Decision (CD) research unit under the supervision of Vincent Vidal and Guillaume Infantes. My research field is Automated Planning in Artificial Intelligence. I have developed a PDDL planner based on an original idea: searching for a good landmark sequence, in order to decompose a planning problem into subproblems hopefully easier to solve, through a “meta” best-first search in the space of landmark orderings.

Apart from my research, I was also student representative at my doctoral school EDSYS, and in the research council at ISAE. I have also taken part in the organisational committee of the 5th MARC Symposium and of the EDSYS doctoral congress 2013.

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